It's very common to feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to creating videos. We tend to overthink things a lot and make it out to be much harder than it really needs to be.  

(That's our primitive brain trying to keep us safe!)

But the good news for you is that creating videos for your business can actually be quite E-A-S-Y to get started. 

However it's only easy... if you want it to be easy 😳🤯  

Video psychology will become an extremely important factor for how quickly you can become comfortable in creating videos.

Keeping it simple is often the key to removing overwhelm.

In this blogpost I will share 3 simple action steps that you can implement immediately, to help you start your video marketing on the right foot; and make it much easier for you in the long run.

1. Prepare Yourself Beforehand

This might sound like a bit of a no brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people don't prepare.

When you try to embark on something new without any significant preparation, you are kinda setting yourself up for failure (or at least for a sub-optimal performance).  

So take this as an opportunity to create a mental checklist of items you should have in order before you start filming.  

Start off by asking yourself questions...  

  • Have I chosen a space to film my videos?
  • Do I need to set up any equipment or is it ready to use?
  • Do I know how many videos we are planning to film?
  • Do I know what topics we are covering? 
  • Have I prepared my content outline?  

By all means this is NOT a complete list of questions.

But it is a great starting point for you to start thinking about before you rock up to shoot your first video.

2. Have A Dress Rehearsal

Getting comfortable in front of camera can be a struggle for many people, but a very tangible action item that you can do to help is to have a Dress Rehearsal.  

This will take your preparation a step further by creating a situation (that you will find yourself in on filming day) to put you at ease when the big day rolls around.  

Think of this as a dry run through...You will learn so much from this experience that will make your filming days much easier and less overwhelming.  

Put it this way...  

Not only will you learn how much time it takes to set up your "film set", but you will have a better understanding of what goes into the finer aspects of your filming day.  

From setting up all the equipment, experiencing what it's like standing in front of camera, you will have a better idea of how your filming day will be.  

All of these elements can overwhelm you if you don't take the opportunity to prepare yourself; and having a dress rehearsal with your team (or alone if that's the case) can help.  

3. Make Adjustments To Help Improve

Now I say this all the time to my clients, but your first video is NOT going to be the best video you will ever create. In fact it is likely going to be somewhere down the bottom.  

The idea is that you will improve over time... 

And the fastest way to do that, is to critique your own work and then start to make necessary adjustments.  

It is in this adjustment process, that your videos will continue to improve over time.  

When you are critiquing your work you should look at:  

  • PRODUCTION (ie, lighting, audio, framing etc)
  • PERFORMANCE (ie your delivery, tonality, pacing etc)
  • POLISH (ie video editing style, graphics, music etc)  

It is recommended you critique your videos in this same order.  

There is very little point improving the POLISH element of your videos if you are still needing to make improvements in your video PRODUCTION or PERFORMANCE in front of the camera.

So when you have your dress rehearsal, focus your attention on your video production, ensuring everything looks and feels how you would like your final video to look. 

Then make sure that you are able to replicate how everything is set up so it becomes consistent through your videos.

Similarly, familiarise yourself with your surroundings of your creative environment so that you become comfortable in it and enjoy experimenting with your presentation delivery styles.

REMEMBER: This is all about making progress... 

So what to do next?

Choose one of these 3 steps to take action on today. 

Whether it be Preparing Yourself beforehand to help you feel more confident that you've got this; or maybe Have A Dress Rehearsal so you can practice ahead of time; or maybe start critiquing your past video performances to Make Adjustments to help improve... 

It doesn't really matter which one that you choose to focus on first, it is more about making a commitment to taking one action at a time so you can get the ball rolling in helping you to build your camera confidence so you can win with video.  

That just leaves one last question...

Which will you choose to improve first?