Droid Media is an Australian based digital marketing agency that helps businesses owners to boost their brand visibility, attract their ideal audience, generate more qualified leads into their sales pipeline...all by using online video. 

We believe that online video is such a digitally rich mode of media that if used correctly, it will positively impact the growth of your business. 

The problem is that most people are not using video very well, or they are not using video at all.  

Our core philosophy is that video marketing should NOT be a major headache or stumbling block for you and your business. If video is currently a problem for you, then you will probably need to address this.

Who do we help? 

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and aspiring industry experts; who want to get online video working in a way that you can be visible to your target audience, become the authority in your industry so that you have the opportunity to make a greater impact and be rewarded for doing so.  

On this website we will share some of our video and digital marketing Insights with you so you can get a feel for us, our philosophy and if at some stage you decide you want to work with us...we can help. 

Whether you need assistance in developing your overall video marketing strategy, want to improve your video production; or simply want your videos to be found online; we will be creating content here that is designed to help you move closer to your goals. 

Our Goal: To Make Your Marketing…Simple! 

Regardless of what stage you may be at or how big or small your team is, we are here to support you. 

Think of Droid Media as an extension of your team, a reliable resource that is here to help you improve the way that you are utilising online video, to achieve your video objectives and grow your business faster.  

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