Most people who are exploring video marketing in the beginning, are desperately looking for a way to make the video creation process feel more comfortable for them.  

Creating videos can be an incredibly confronting and emotionally painful process to go through; and if you're not resilient, it can take its toll on you.  

Despite all good intentions, for some people...they just can't make it happen for them and eventually they give up on video marketing to focus on something else that makes them feel safe.  

You see there is a level of resistance in all of us that has been built up over time (at a subconscious level) when it comes to creating video.  

Despite realising the importance of video in marketing, the majority let these psychological blockages get in the way of making progress.  

If this sounds familiar you are in luck! 

In this post I will share some quick and easy-to-implement tips, that can help you feel more comfortable in creating videos for your business. 

So get your pen and paper ready to take notes...

1. Comfort Zone Assessment 🤔🔬

Before we can possibly begin to get comfortable with video, we need to be aware of the boundaries of our comfort.

So the first thing you need to do is take a quick Comfort Zone Assessment.  

Take 60 seconds to list just a couple of things that you know would put you outside your comfort zone (of course you can include video on that list if you want to).  

Some common activities I hear people struggling with, include:  

  • Public Speaking
  • Talking to Strangers (Networking)
  • Starting a New Exercise Routine
  • Flying on an Aeroplane
  • Bungy Jumping / Skydiving
  • Being on Camera / Video  

The reason why I wanted you to list all of these uncomfortable activities is because just by identifying them, you are actually acknowledging your current boundaries and setting subconscious sign posts that we may use in future to move past them.  

So let's observe the items on your list (or look at the examples above).

They will ALL have something in common...  

These activities will all get EASIER the more frequent you do them.  

Let that sit with you for a moment. so it can sink in. 

Joshua Van Den Broek

Think about public speaking for example...  

If you have ever done public speaking before, it can be quite terrifying the first time you do it, but with each time you do it the more confident you get and the less scary it becomes.  

This was 100% true for me, the first time spoke on stage at a business event, it was in front of around 80 or so people...

I was absolutely petrified! But I still went ahead with it because I knew the opportunity it would bring. 

Getting up on stage made me feel like I was going to puke!  

My voice was quavering, my eyes darting all around the room... seeing everyone faces staring... judging me (or at least it appeared). I tried my best to break the awkwardness with jokes, so that they would be laughing with me rather than at me.  

It wasn't a total disaster but I was seriously questioning my decision to give 2 x 90 minute presentations on video marketing at this business event. And as uncomfortable as I was throughout it all... I survived!

You see as an introvert, public speaking has always been a challenge for me (even back in high school). But if you fast forward to now, you will see me more often in front of a camera, speaking on stage and even running my own live events. 

What a change right?? If you asked me years ago if I would be doing that, I would be saying no chance. I still get nervous? You betcha!  

Am I 100% comfortable speaking in front of a crowd? Heck no!

I will still feel the heat rise up in my face as I start my opening talks. Now hopefully I've improved my ability to hide my nervousness but the reality is now it usually only takes a little while before I start to hit my stride. 

Knowing my content and being an authority on the topic that I am teaching, certainly gives me confidence with public speaking. 

But let's be honest though... 

I am unlikely to provide those attending my events with a Tony Robbins experience (who knows maybe I will one day), but I am certainly confident that you're going to leave with a whole lot of value and actionable scribble notes.  

The way I get through public speaking is by making it less about me and more about serving my audience. By focusing on them, I can move through the discomfort and get to a place where I feel a little more comfortable as I am being of service.  

And each time I run an event, surprise gets just a little bit EASIER than the previous time.

Okay...let's look at another example.  

Think about the last time you tried to start a new gym or exercise routine...  

The first time you completed the routine, the days after you'll likely feel soreness for what feels like forever...  

But once you begin doing it over and over, making it a routine, your body starts to make physiological adaptations to help your muscles to adjust and cope with that new stimulus.  

And the more you do it, the stronger / fitter / faster / healthier you will get right?

Well video is no different.

The more videos you create, the easier it will get and the more comfortable you will feel to be creating them.  

This is what I refer to as building your VIDx Reflex - this is where you are working your video muscles on a regular basis (like a new routine), so that they become bigger, stronger and more to overcome any challenge and become a reflex like behaviour. Everything you do will feel easier and easier, every time you do it.

BUT if you continue to neglect them, like you are right now...

One day when you finally decide to will feel much harder than it may right now.  

The reality is that if you stay inside your comfort zone, then your situation WON'T change.  

You will just get more of the same results you've already got. 

If you want a different outcome, then you need to make some changes. You need to do the work. It's repetition.  

And yes there WILL be times when it feels uncomfortable.  

But if you are kind to yourself and treat this like a process... 



Now if you've taken the comfort zone assessment, you should have identified some boundaries.

You have also probably become more aware of where your strengths lie and what areas need improvement. The most important thing however, is to remain committed to working on expanding those boundaries over time.

However bludgeoning your way through the repetition of doing something that makes you incredibly uncomfortable, doesn't sound like a fun way to approach video marketing. 

So I'd like to give you a bit of psychological reframe by approaching the way you create videos as if... 

2. This Is Just Practice...

Because when it comes to creating videos:  

"You don't need to publish every video you film."  


I know right! Think about that for a moment...try it on. How does that feel?  

Does it feel a little less overwhelming? Less intense? Maybe a little lighter? I certainly hope so! Making that psychological shift from trying to create the perfect video, to just practicing is huge!  

Think about it for a second...Who wants to publish the very first video they create?! Not me! It's not likely that it is going to be your best work. If your first videos are anything like mine were...they certainly won't be LOL  

I look back from time to time over my old videos (yes I kept them) as a way of reminding me of how far I have come.  

And even now when I critique my videos, I always see opportunity for improvement.  

So when you are first getting started... it's good for your own camera confidence to just record videos only for you to see

Approach this process with the intent that you are simply having a practice attempt to prepare yourself to be creating quality videos in the future.

By taking this type of approach, you will feel less pressure on you to perform, gain more confidence from your practice attempts and begin to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Especially as you make little tweaks to your own delivery style (this will initially concern you) over time. We should always be looking to improve our performances as we gain confidence.

So don't feel obligated to publish every video you film...  

This is a long game remember! 

Give yourself permission to: 

  • Create videos that are NOT Hollywood cinematic productions.
  • Improve your video creation process over time so it feels more comfortable and sustainable.
  • Improve the quality of your video content over time so you consistently feel more confident in front of the camera.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your video content, so the results you get leave you feel more inspired.  

When you are at peace with this concept...that you are just "practicing".  

Creating video content will become soooo much easier for you... 

I guarantee it!  

3. Progress (is always) > Perfection

As I mentioned earlier, I struggled when I first started creating videos. I certainly did NOT feel comfortable in front of the camera and in my opinion, it really showed up in the videos themselves. 

I would watch the videos back and I thought they were so cringeworthy, that I couldn't possibly publish them (despite investing so much time and effort). I would come up with a hundred different reasons to why they were not good enough.

Looking back now, I can see that I had subconsciously created an ideology for what my videos should look and sound like.  

And I came to this conclusion because I had been comparing the quality of my (first) videos, against others who had been creating videos for years upon years. 

You got it...I had COMPARISONITIS!  

My First Mistake: I did not adopt the "This is just practice" mindset.

My Second Mistake: I subconsciously created an ideaology, based on videos that others (with far more experience) were creating.

In my mind my videos were the furthest from being PERFECT! And unless they were perfect, they would not get published. 

This is a mistake that gets repeated time and time again, usually by those in the early stages of their video marketing journey.

So why do we always chase PERFECTION ? 

It is kinda ludicrous if you ask me... Especially with something that is so subjective as video! 

Perfection is UNATTAINABLE. Period.  

As soon as you think that the video you have created may be perfect, there will be something else that you will notice that could be improved upon; and it will likely consume you until you do (for as long as you hold onto this ideology).  

But if you can adopt the "This is just practice" approach and realise that PROGRESS is far more important than perfection; you will quickly drop the notion of chasing the holy grail...and change your objective to be seeking progress instead.  

Just like with any new skill, the more often you do it...the better you will get at that skill.  

Practice makes (Perfect) Progress