For most business owners, video marketing is something that is on their to-do list and quite commonly for most people, it has likely been sitting there for quite some time.  

However for some reason, it rarely makes it to the top of that list. 

Despite knowing that procrastination and excuses are getting in the way of their success, most people struggle to take some action and get it going. 

Usually with the arrival of self doubt and as negative self talk creeps is quite typical that they either: 

1 ) Take no action at all (usually making false promises to themselves that they will eventually get around to it next month); 

2) Dabble with it for a little while (before giving up too early as the result the dreamt of didn't happen quickly enough). 

I certainly hope that's not sounding too familiar for you! 

Because to be 100% honest with you, it is absolutely heartbreaking for me to see so many businesses who are missing out on the opportunities that video can provide them. 

The reality is that the mindset that you have towards video, will be what ultimately determines how successful you may be with it. 

So I would like to offer you these words of advice: 

"Be kind to yourself. Learning to master video is a process and to be successful, you will want to approach video like it is a long game... a fun game that you really want to (and can) win."  

I want to let that sit with you for a minute… so it can really land for you.  

What I just said there is a really interesting piece of psychological reframing that can help you to swap out any negative emotions you may have towards video and replace them with a low resistance, winning mindset that you can apply to video easily.  

This psychological reframe is something that became really clear for me personally; and since then it has become something that I have obsessed about as it makes it so much easier to gain the momemtum we need to succeed.

My Lightbulb Moment In Time 

Okay so let me tell you a story of a time when I was spending some quality "Daddy time" with my 3 kids; and my oldest son Marcus asked me to play this new video game that he had (for reference, the game was called NFL Madden or something like that). 

Now back in the day I was pretty good at video games so I’m like "sure thing buddy! You’re on!"

I don’t really know too much about NFL (I mean I’ve followed the limited coverage on Australian TV over the past few years), I've got a basic idea but I don’t know all the ins and outs of the game that's for I figured how hard could it be?!  

We played the game and surprise surprise I was terrible at it. 

I got absolutely thrashed by my 9 yo son at the time (which is a bit of an understatement), I think the score was like 35-7.  

With my pride dented my then 7 yo daughter, asked me to play next (to be honest I think she sensed opportunity haha). 

So as a good Dad, I said yes…  

(Between you and me, I actually thought I would have a better chance against her since I now had a game under my belt and she isn't into video games anywhere near like my son is).  

Unfortunately the result was very similar to the first one…I got a whooping! (although not quite as bad) I think it was 21-7. And just like that in the space of an hour, both my kids had destroyed those boyhood memories of me being the kingpin of video games.  

It seems times had changed and I was WAY out of my depth.

Now whilst I liked the idea of playing video games and spending time with my kids, but the reality was I had no idea how I should be playing that game to be remotely competitive.  

And it was in that moment the lightbulb went on for me...

You see the similarities between what I had experienced during the video game annihilation; and how most people are approaching their video marketing efforts. 

They like the idea of video, but have no idea how to be competitive. 

They nearly always focus on getting the short term result (like I did in this story) to maintain their initial spike of motivation (which is effectively just stroking your own ego whether you realise it or not) and then slowly losing interest over time as you begin to realise that your limited preparation and effort are not producing the results for you that you desire.

But instead I urge you to try to avoid this initial focusing on the longer game.  

With so much supportive data flying around the internet confirming how significant an opportunity video is to businesses right now; people are as eager as ever to dive into video marketing as the market no longer needs to be convinced.  

The caveat however is that most people just don’t know how to play the game (of video marketing) yet.  

People tend to dive right in (just like I did with this video game) and begin publishing videos willy nilly on all sorts of different platforms because they know video is hot right now and that they should be everywhere. 

But this is a spray and pray approach that nearly always falls flat on it's face.

And when things don’t seem to work out as anticipated...people come to this rapid conclusion that "video is not for me" or "video doesn’t work" etc etc (you get the point).  

The result is often that they feel deflated or even defeated (usually throwing in the towel). 

They don't anticipate the initial slaughter and annihilation that follows; and not for a second do they believe that this is on them and that they may approached it all wrong. 

Instead they start making excuses for why it didn't work for them; and begin to allow all of the negative self talk to begin just like I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  

I don't want you to have that same fate...

🖼 So Let's Reframe It 🖼 

Remember that psychological reframe that I mentioned earlier?

... Approaching video marketing, like it’s "a game"?  

Well like with any game, there WILL be challenges you will need to overcome...  

You don't rock up to Level 1 and make it all the way to the end game and beat the Big Boss Man at the end on your first try! 

Chances are you will get defeated time and time again...

But that is because there will be certain rules you should know before you start playing (think of it like learning the moves on a video game controller)...and when you take on each new level - you need to know this stuff!

So remember...  

Be kind to yourself during this process.

When you first start out, you are NOT going to be at your peak.  

Especially if this isn’t something that you have previously prepared for.  

But like with any game, the more you play it, the better you will get. As you improve your confidence will begin to grow and then you will start improving some more…and then some more.  

And before you know it, if you persevere...your skills will start to get so good, that you too might start feeling like this video marketing game that you've yours to win!  

Sound good?  

I'm sure it does, but you will need to commit to making progress or it won't work.

So bringing this back to my story...

When I first played that video game against my kids I certainly wasn’t at my peak... But you know what? I persevered.  

(Now I may or may not have some issues about losing...but let me tell you a little secret).  

My kids had no idea just how determined I was to make sure that a slaughter like that, never ever happened again.  

So when they weren't around I would start practicing against the computer (yes I still got beat by the computer A LOT), but slowly yet surely I improved. And I kept improving until I was regularly beating the computer. 

So the next time my son asked me to play, I had improved so much that I caught him by surprise and I actually WON (even though by the slimmest of margins) 24-21.  

Whilst he was in absolute shock that he actually lost this game to his old man for the first time,  

I was feeling pretty good about myself that my perseverance had paid off and I was able to land that knock out blow (haha even if it was against my son).  

The Kingpin was Back Baby!!!! 💪🏻

haha yes I have issues! =) b

Okay so what I would like to remind you after sharing me story, is that if you can:  

1) Treat your video marketing like 'a game'; and 

2) Commit to 'making progress' with consistent effort  

You WILL improve.  

You WILL gain more confidence.  

You may even surprise some of your competitors who are currently winning with video.  

And remember...  

This is a PROCESS you need to persevere with. It is ALL about how you approach video psychologically and the strength of your commitment to making progress (no matter how small).  

This is far more important than anything else.  

And...Be kind to yourself in this process.  

Who might just surprise yourself!  

(Stranger things have happened!)