YouTube is a big deal. Despite the critics, even over the last few years it has continued to grow. This popular video platform isn’t just for fun and games anymore and it is about time you take it seriously.

YouTube is a search-engine extraordinaire, second only to Google (we will get to that in a little bit).

And still today, YouTube videos are an essential tool for SEO marketers and business owners everywhere and here’s why:

What Is SEO and Why Is YouTube On The Scene?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of optimising pieces of content for the improved performance in search-engine rankings. 

SEO Marketers achieve this by using keywords strategically, so that they are able to increase the visibility of their content. 

The aim is to get your content into Google’s top ten search results where they can receive more exposure (impressions) - to then increase clicks to view your content; and ultimately, generate sales. 

In recent years, YouTube has reached towering heights, but in the past, marketers have disregarded YouTube as a social media channel. However marketers have now wised up to YouTube’s marketing credentials, with a whopping 48% of marketers turning to YouTube in recent years. This trend is not slowing down.

But why is YouTube such a powerful marketing tool?

YouTube and Google Share Their DNA

YouTube and Google are family. Google owns Youtube and promotes its content.

The two companies constantly share data, meaning the videos uploaded to YouTube are immediately indexed by Google. By ranking your videos on YouTube you are far more likely to rank those same videos on the Google platform as well.

YouTube is where it’s at. In fact, 2 billion logged in monthly users were seen in 2020. With numbers like that, prioritising a strategy for YouTube is a bit of a no-brainer. 

No wonder 78.8% of marketers rate it the most effective video marketing platform. It’s clear as day. YouTube is an essential marketing tool for any business looking to expand their reach and grow their audience. 

But how can businesses optimise YouTube for maximum engagement and sales? 

By optimising your video content for the YouTube platform and search engines alike.

Optimising Your Videos For YouTube SEO

Like all web content, YouTube videos should be optimised in order for them to be able to perform at their best.

Understanding the YouTube algorithm and developing a video content optimisation strategy is important not only to gain subscribers on the platform, but to expand your brand’s reach and reputation online. 

But creating video content is not just about appeasing the YouTube algorithm. You should create videos that keep your audience in mind, delivering what THEY want to watch.

So if you’ve launched a YouTube channel for your business already (or are thinking about doing so), then keep these things in mind:

Monitoring YouTube Analytics - YouTube analyses the performance of your videos and shares the results video creators via the YouTube analytics dashboard. There are valuable insights to be learned, so use these statistics to inform your content strategy.

Keep Tabs On The Competition - YouTube is a competitive space so be aware of who your competitors are, but more importantly, make sure you keep an eye on them to learn what works (and doesn't) as well as identifying trending videos.

YouTube's Algorithm - Did you know 70% of what people watch is determined via the algorithm? Keywords, meta-descriptions and tags are important for the algorithm, but don't forget to create video content for people (not just the algorithm). 

Maximising Your Visuals - an eye catching thumbnail will help to encourage clicks to watch your videos on YouTube and help you stand out in search-engines. Your thumbnails should be engaging and communicate what your video is about.

Encourage Video Sharing - remind your viewers to like, share, and subscribe. This will help spread engagement with your brand, service, or product; and trigger the algorithm to show your content more frequently. 

Closed Captions and Translations - Did you know that 80% of views on YouTube come from outside the US? Make sure that you don’t neglect your international client base by using translations. Closed captions also increase engagement for those watching where sound is not an option (i.e. office environments, crowded spaces, public transport). 

YouTube Is STILL Where It Is At For SEO!

YouTube for marketers continues to be the best video platform to help transform your business for getting your content in front of a wider audience not only on YouTube but across other search engine ranking platforms (SERPs) like Google. 

With SEO marketers continuing to turn to video for its catchy visuals and epic outreach. It may be time for you to make over your  business with a YouTube channel to match. 

If you would like help with your YouTube strategy, shoot us a message.